Gea 2

We are proud to present you the new monthly edition and a new heroine - Gea! The original publisher of this series is without a doubt, already known to fans of comics - it is Sergio Bonelli, in this region for decades known for series such as Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère, Zagor, Mister No and others.

However, the Gea from the very beginning was specific in the Bonelli's cuisine. First, it is a closed series, the first of its kind. Gea has a beginning, middle and end - 18 numbers in total - that's how it was designed from the beginning - in which we follow the development of young heroine, from kid to whom it is imposed hunting demons, to ... well, read the episodes and you'll learn. Further, the Gea is entirely the work of one author, Luca Enoch, who's done the script and drawing, which is to Bonelli who is dedicated to serialization with a number of authors - a precedent. And further, series follows a young girl who is not forever frozen in time on the same level that we had found her in the first issue, she grows and changes ... and her world is changing with her.

You are probably wondering what Gea can offer you. First of all, good fun with energetic main character and its events and accidents, and a healthy dose of horror, as though Gea fights against demons, but also ezotheria and mystique - her world is presented in detail, as it is in this issue, but you can see more in annex "In Gea's manual". And above all, Luca Enoch uses the clash between two races, humans and demons, for brutal criticism of the society in which they are guilty just because they are "foreigners" and the origin of the hostility is never examined. As series progresses, embarrassing questions about the nature of conflicts and wars will float to the surface for Gea - and it will not be an easy answer.

In any case, basic "Bonelli" formula you already know and love - we are hoping that you'll like upgrade that Gea brings.


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