Guest Book

At this place, you can put forward any comment and possible support for our work, and that in the mutual interest, together we're going to better and higher quality work. It refers to site design and its content, our publishing business, working in the shop, as well as the efficiency of sending the packages, the quality of packaging items, speed of answering e-mails, services inside the store and all that get you bothered or excite. So, that we can continue with some things, improve something, or change something.

Every bad action, which may happen to you, in terms of ignorance, thoughtlessness, any inconvenience in the store, which we jointly determine the cause and what has led to misunderstandings, will be accompanied by not only the words of apology, but also free comic book or comic books. The same goes for the proven potential difficulties that may occur through the mail, in the sense that you do not get response in time, except in justified circumstances, the non-working days, holidays and the like, or you do not get answer, or response is poor and unfriendly and not the entire answer to your query.

Of course, we expect the same respect from you, in terms of culture and respect of our work and activities that we do. Ok, if you make a mistake, we will not ask for comics, we'll be satisfied with a smile:))


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TC Zeleni venac (corner of Kamenička and Lomina).
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