Tarza of the apes

There is hardly a man to whom the myth of Tarzan represents the unknown. We were in this respect even happier: we had books, decorated with beautiful illustrations by Radilović (although published books reach only slightly less than half of all works), we had a weekly TV matinee with the best movie's Tarzan Johnny Weissmuller, cartoon series, albums, we had COMICS...


To had and than to had not is a nasty curse, because only when you lose something, you become aware of the size of the loss. One after another they went missing ... and some things were always denied. "Tales from the Jungle", the most unusual book in the opus, has never been presented to us, although it is the book, which ignores in the most important chapters, the adventure spirit, and unhidden "Kipling's" colonial aspect, pointing out that basic idea of Tarzan - calvary, and triumph of the human mind in an extremely difficult circumstances. What is only discreetly noted in the first third of "Tarzan of the apes" here is experiencing its full recognition. Following that basic guiding, Bern Hogart returned to comics after twenty years of hiatus, making it in full glory. With this works, the publishing house "Darkwood" brings Tarzan back again, but, what is more important, part of the heritage for which we have been unjustly deprived.

Bern Hogart through these two books, presents, not just a comic adaptation of Tarzan from the most famous novels, but drawing skills that few people managed to reach through the comic creation.


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